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EuroMACC is member of consortium  developing  "CAREVOL" healthcare remote monitoring appliance

EuroMACC Ltd. is a member of the consortium that has gained GINOP-2.1.1-15 - R & D & I support for "CAREVOL - A mobile tele-monitoring device suitable for end-user healthcare, and health risk analysis based on neural self-learning algorithms software development". The aim of the project is to create a wristwatch sized device that can measure and permanently record different life-function parameters of the human body with five, built in sensors. The measurement data is transmitted to a secure server for continuous analysation by artificial intelligence that can alert in case of a potential hazard in advance:

·  Blood pressure: calculated from heart rate fluctuations (HRV) and ECG data are essential parameters for preventing stroke.

·  ECG: electrocardiography shows the state of the heart and indicates the progressive development of common heart diseases, such as arrhythmia and heart attack.

·  Pulse deviation: measurement of pulse is essential for monitoring circulatory system and to detect shock, dehydration, or similar conditions prior to symptoms appearing.

·  Blood oxygen levels: the change in blood oxygen levels can refer the state of the respiration system, lungs and circulation so that imminent pneumonia or even severe oxygen deficiency can be predicted.

·  Skin temperature: early detection of bacterial and viral infections including influenza

·     ·  Galvanic skin reaction: Measures the activity of the vegetative nervous system. Detecting stress reactions is useful in predicting and treating anxiety or epilepsy.


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