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Thanks to the new development, online cash registers can change operator at Mobil Adat Ltd.

EuroMACC has been continuously operating the IT Infrastructure of Mobil Adat Ltd since 2013. Mobil Adat is the market leader in data-communication services for online cash registers. This year, Mobil Adat required a development solution to comply the current regulatory environment, which will enable the operator change of on-line cash registers from 01.January 2017 (9/2016 (III.25.) NGM decree on the change of operator of online cash registers installed in Hungary) After the development, the solution examines the data received via the interface, makes the right decisions, allows for an instant client switching and updates the database. An important point is that the database remains smoothly accessible to the users of the national reseller network of Mobil Adat Kft. The development request has been implemented and handed over by EuroMACC.


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