Full title of project: CAREVOL - Development of a mobile health care telemonitoring device and a neural self-learning algorithm based emergency recognition and health risk analysis software The amount of support is 69.02%, the project has ended on November 12, 2017. The project was implemented by a consortium. The leader of the consortium is Insula-Pilup Ltd., the members are DealCom Ltd. and EuroMACC Ltd. The companies together have several years of research- and medical experience, thus ensuring the professional feasibility of the project. During the implementation, experimental development and industrial research activities were carried out, in which 8 activities were defined, namely: development of a measuring unit (experimental development), research of signal processing algorithms (industrial research), medical research (industrial research), diagnostics and preventive models experimental development), framework development (experimental development), mobile application development (experimental development), clinical studies (industrial research). Related to the project, there were also preparatory and project management tasks that helped the seamless professional realization of development. The goal of the project was a high quality watch (measuring instrument), that fits for both business and sportswear, provides life function measuring with healthcare accuracy during constant wear, and having an emergency button. Related, health analysis and health services are implemented supported by artificial intelligence (machine learning). The watch continuously measures the movement (gyroscope and accelerometer), the heart rate, body temperature level and skin conductance of the person wearing it, as well it provides a 1-lead ECG sensor for incontinuous ECG measurement and blood pressure estimation (typically 1 time a day or in case of heart- or vascular event is detected). The watch transmits the measured data via a bluetooth connection to the data center through the connected smartphone.

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